Roger Martinez

Sound Artist – Producer – DJ based in La Gomera

Unified states through music and dance

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For me music is a way to reach people in a non-verbal and more direct way. Connecting to people using sonic vibrations to me is mystical and profound.

My broad interest in sound has led me to do several differing projects at a time. "Roger Martinez" is my Electronic Dance Music project, where I use the age-old repetetive 4x4 dance music rhythms to broadcast unified states of consciousness.

Under my "Horizontal Excursions" guise I explore vast Ambient worlds of sonic emotions. Going full circle in the audio realm, I also occasionally design sound installations and take part in interdisciplinary art projects.

Last but not least I am interested in visionary artists, philosophers and explorers like Terence Mckenna, Osho, Alex Grey and Alan W. Watts


Music Production
Performing Artist
Music Education


Logic Pro
Ableton LIVE!
Pro Tools


Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten

Bs Arts

Tilburg · 2005 – 2009


2009 Jacques de Leeuw Prize (category: Performing Artists), Jacques de Leeuw Foundation
€ 10.000 and the usage of the professional jury’s network


2016 Refraction (Group), Gallery Nine Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands